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Building a House


Let Me Guide You to Get the Best Construction Mortgage in Ontario

A construction mortgage is a kind of mortgage that advances you the full amount of the mortgage, in stages, throughout the construction (or major renovations) of your home. There are also other forms that allow additional funds for improvements.

  • Residential or Commercial Construction

  • Site Development

  • Renovations and/or additions

  • Bridge Loans

  • Something else

To know what is possible for you depends on many things.  The type of property you are building, your budget (hard and soft costs), timeframe, and other factors.  With that, we will be better positioned to know what rate and term is possible for you and your unique situation.

Get expert advice and tips to help guide you through the process.  From what lenders offer what, when, and how, to the risk associated with your different options, work with us to help you get your project completed on time, on budget, and with the best construction mortgage rates in Ontario. 

Get Started by​ scheduling a FREE no-obligation consultation by clicking on the button below.  I will be calling you very soon!

Some of the Company We Keep


You Deserve A Better Mortgage.  I Can Help.

I'm not your typical mortgage agent and that's a good thing

RoundPhoto SMHsmall.png

Steven Himelfarb

Vice President of Sales

Mortgage Agent Level 2

(416) 450-3171

LIC# 12662

Stress-Free and Empowering

I work for you and not the banks or any other lender. I provide unbiased and trusted expert advice to help you get better results.

I'm responsive, responsible, and professional

I'm super fast.  I'm with you every step of the way until we get you approved. 

Best Rates

my Bank rates are even better than the Bank!  My experience, relationships, and understanding on how to negotiate with the Banks, Monoline Lenders, Alternative Lenders and Private Lenders allow me to get you the best rate based on your unique situation.

Be Confident

This industry and the market is always changing.  You are coming to me because it is my job to know all the changes and how to structure and leverage them to your benefit and get you approved.

Specializing in Private Mortgages and Alternative Lending

over 14 years of experience in getting mortgages approved in this space.  It's what we specialize in.  I have over 60+ private lenders that compete for your business which helps keep traditionally high rates and fees, low.

Education and Experience

You aren't just getting a mortgage, as a mortgage professional I will teach you how to position yourself for wealth and beyond.  I'm part of a top independent brokerage that has won several industry awards.


I've got a mortgage for that. Great credit, bad credit, self-employed, new to name it, I've got you covered all over Ontario.

Technologically Advanced

Everything is virtually digital.  We speak, sign, and complete everything using digital platforms.  Get a mortgage anywhere.

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