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Become a
Private Lender

Is your Money Making You Enough Money?

Are your investments earning you 8-10%+ with little to no risk, little effort, and with full control about how long you want to be in your investments for, in order to make that kind of return?


If not, then this may be for you.  With all the added restrictions and challenges in traditional mortgages, people's need for securing funds hasn't stopped, but it has got much harder for them to get what they need. 


You can be a part of the solution.  Become a private mortgage lender.

Becoming a private lender with Mortgage Partners Corporation provides:

  • Better rate of return (ROI) on your investment. Above average yields of 8%-10%+.

  • Security and Low Risk.  your investment is backed by the equity in real estate.

  • Better use of your existing funds.  Did you know you are able to use the funds in your overrated and under performing RRSP & TFSA portfolio?

  • We do all the heavy lifting.  Mortgage Partners Corporation will handle the entire investment process for you.

Our firm’s continuous growth and success has been built on a high level of trust, professionalism, and integrity with all of our mortgage investors and business partners. Ontario has a very healthy and stable real estate market and private lending and investing in mortgages has become one of the top options for many investors nationwide.

Our success is your success.  When you are placing private funds, the location and type of property play a critical role in investment security. We help you conduct adequate due diligence and risk management analysis on every transaction.  Our approach is the reason behind our below average portfolio delinquency rates.


Call now, for a confidential interview and learn how your money can start working for you.

If you have questions before beginning this simple and stress-free process, call, email or schedule for a free no-obligation consultation

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